About Us

About UsIf you’ve been injured and need rehabilitation, we have the programs you need to restore your body to good health. We have the equipment needed to provide the retraining your body needs in order to recover in the shortest amount of time.

No matter your age or background, whether an athlete who has suffered a sport’s injury or an older person who has Fallen, we have the right treatment for you. We give the most appropriate care at an affordable price and do our utmost to speed your complete recovery.

As a community-focused business, we forge personal relationships with each our patients, and at the same time we we bring the best in rehabilitation services. We have been accepted as a leader in our industry because of our outstanding customer care and our superior and ingenious rehabilitation service.

Our company is founded on four key principles:

  1. Community Connections
  2. Focus on Patient Care
  3. An Educated Staff
  4. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

We partner with you to encourage your commitment to your recovery, restoration of your mobility and to return you to your prior activity levels. Our therapists work closely with our clients to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our therapists are compassionate and committed to your recovery. They listen to your needs and respond accordingly.

They dedicate themselves to your goals for your recovery. We have created focused specialty curriculum that includes hand therapy, sports enhancement/return to sport programs, return to work programs, pediatric care, balance and vestibular therapy, TMJ, and post-bariatric therapy.

Our commitment to the health of our local neighborhood includes participation in our Gravity Group Training program and personalized training sessions. Our business is built on our commitment to providing the latest technology on the leading edge of research.

If you need any other information contact us at (561) 123-1234