Wellness Therapy Services

Wellness therapyWhy The Wellness Therapy?

* Mobility

* Improved Health

* Relaxation

Our goal is to help you achieve health in all aspects of your life. You may require therapy for a chronic condition, or perhaps you want an hour long massage to release the day’s tension.

We are always prepared to help you in achieving whatever goal you have for improved health and physical fitness. Our skilled group of trained and licensed pros will create and activate a personalized plan that incorporates the most up to date technologies, research and fits your overall requirements.

The services we provide include:

Physical and Orthopedic Therapy

Sports Performance and Rehab

Employer and Family Wellness

Cert. Athletic Training and Event Coverage

Home Health Therapy and Care

Industrial and Worksite Therapy

Speech and Voice Therapy

Senior Citizen Care (OWLS?)

Certified Hand Therapy

Balance/Falls Prevention

Group Fitness and Exercise Specialist

People living with HIV/AIDS have special challenges and we’ve created programs that address these particular challenges. The focus is on strengthening the immune system, increasing energy and improving general well being.

Our Outpatient programs include treatment for physical, occupational and speech therapy. These programs are delivered by licensed physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists.

Our clinics are the most technologically advanced and include: private therapy and treatment rooms, hydrotherapy, occupational and hand therapy rehabilitation areas, a wellness gym with cardiovascular and strength machines, education classrooms, yoga and group exercise area, physical therapy exercise area, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation area, and a quiet area for head injury rehabilitation.

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