Zero Down Auto Loans

Slider_Zero Down Auto LoansSome car dealerships advertise “99% Guaranteed Approvals”, they usually require a substantial down payment. So what do you do if you just can’t raise the funds?

Auto Financing offers low interest auto loans for people with bad credit, poor credit or no credit history for new cars or used vehicles with flexible terms such as no money down, no cosigner and no prepayment penalty.

If you are looking for a no money down car loan, you may wonder what the requirements are for getting one. No money down loans are generally used by those who can’t afford a down payment, those who have a car to trade in, or those who don’t want to tie up their cash toa car that depreciates. They’d prefer to invest the cash in appreciating securities.

Auto Financing has”no money down” loan options. “No Money Down” doesn’t mean that you can’t add cash to the down payment.  You will actually improve your chances of being approved if you add something to the down payment.

  • You will be taking the necessary steps to lowering your overall monthly payments
  • You will be showing the lenders and dealership that you are a serious buyer
  • You will not have to worry about financing for as large as an amount
  • Your trade vehicle can also be used as a form of down payment once appraised

It may not be possible for you to come up with money for a loan down payment.  No problem.  In our vast dealership network, there are a great many loan options – including NO money down.  These programs may be in the same category as the “take over my car payment” situations. Auto loans with nothing down is becoming a preference that is in a higher demand these days due to a number of reasons such as: Zero down loan financing is preferred by more and more people.  Some of the reasons are:

  • A decrease in working hours or temporary lay off
  • Drastic and painful income declined to company cut backs
  • A divorce or difficult marital split
  • More debt and bills leading to more expenses
  • Unforeseen emergencies that can include hospital bills

If any of these describe your situation, you may still find ways to get your no money down auto loan Auto Financing.

If you’ve had your loan application rejected in the past, we can still help you.  No credit or bad credit is not a problem.  We have options to help just about everyone.  Just submit an application.

We will review your application and find the dealer nearest your who offers the specific loan options that fit your budget.

We provide useful advice and a very aggressive approach that can help you achieve your credit goals. Our lenders report to all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Trans-union) so that you’ll start rebuilding your credit instantly.

Contact our loan advisers at (561) 123-1234 to point you in the direction of our zero down payment vehicles, and we’ll qualify you for the Zero Down Payment Car Program.