Individual Therapy Or Counseling

Individual TherapyWhat is individual therapy?

A patient works privately, one on one with their therapist in safe, secure and comforting surroundings to look at.- their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors.

In a session, the patient will work through painful or influential memories, identifying parts of their lives that they want to change, gain understanding of themselves and others, establish personal goals and work toward their desired changes.

Psychologist highly skilled counselors and therapists are equipped to assist people with a wide range of personal concerns.

Intensive counseling or psychotherapy may be especially helpful for you if you exhibit problems such as:

*          Eating Disorders/Depression

*          Obsessions and Compulsions

*          Anxiety/Intensive Anger

*          Low Self-Esteem/Sexual Problems

*          Alcohol/Substance Abuse

*          Conflicts with Partner or Family Member

*          Self-Defeating Behavior

*          Dealing with an Abusive Relationship

Our counselors are trained to intervene or provide support for a countless number of issues, far too many to list in any comprehensive way. While counseling might be helpful in numerous situations, there are some conditions in which we would strongly encourage you to seek counseling services.

Our services are provided by masters and post -master’s level student clinicians under the careful supervision of licensed family therapists and counselors. The Psychologist provides low-cost, individual, couples, marriage, family therapy, and counseling services with a focus on:

* Evaluation and treatment of family, couple, and individual problems

* Graduate education of counselors and post graduate education of marriage and              family therapists

* Utilization of a clinical team approach to working with families through live               observation and recording of sessions

* Employee assistance services supporting employers and employees in municipalities,    school districts, and organizations

Psychological issues may be dealt with in many different ways. The process may take the path of learning new problem solving or coping skills, increased self understanding, exploration of life patterns and gaining a better sense of how your surroundings influence your beliefs and behaviors.

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