Laparoscopic Surgery

laparoscopic-surgeryWhat is Laparoscopic surgery?

Minimally Invasive Surgery – MIS – or, laparoscopic surgery, keyhole surgery, or pinhole surgery is a technique frequently used for surgery on the stomach because such small incisions are used.

Urologist” specializes in various techniques of laparoscopy surgery for urological conditions.

* Laparoscopy Hernia Surgery

* Laparoscopy Kidney Surgery

* Laparoscopy Adrenal Surgery

* Laparoscopy Prostate Surgery

* Laparoscopy Varicocele Surgery

Other Laparoscopy Urology Surgeries

* Laparoscopic reimplantation

* Laparoscopic ureterolithotomy

* Laparoscopic augmentation cystoplasty

Many patients can now benefit from minimally invasive surgery, in which surgical tools and a laparoscope (a fiber optic instrument) are passed through small incisions. The laparoscope transmits images of the surgical site to a video monitor, helping guide surgeons while operating.

Minimally invasive surgery results in less scarring and a faster recovery.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery are:

* Less pain, less pain medication needed

* Smaller incision, less pain and shorter recovery time

* Reduced blood loss, less risk of needing a blood transfusion

* Reduced exposure of internal organs to possible external contaminants thereby reduced risk of acquiring infections

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