Probate Law

26What is Probate?

Probate is a process that is directed by the court for the purpose of locating and identifying assets of someone who is deceased –  decedent – debts are paid and assets are distributed to the beneficiaries. Having to administer to an estate, following the passing of a loved one, can be a challenging process.

Elder Law Attorney, is well versed in dealing with the challenges of probate and administering estates,  including all implications of federal taxes.

The intention of Probate is to ensure that all debts are paid to the correct parties and all financial affairs are successfully completed. Probate also makes certain that the assets that remain are delivered to the appropriate beneficiaries. Probate is very important when a will is not available.  It is also a necessary procedure when there is a will to make certain that everything is carried out properly.

We are well qualified to handle a great variety of probate Issues – from the simplest thing such as inheriting property from a parentto more complex  issues like being the administrator of  an estate that is outside of the USA.

Our pledge to our clients is to make certain that:

  • We will consistently be accessible to our clients
  • We will, without delay, return all telephone calls and e-mails
  • Our clients have a good understanding of their civil liberties throughout the entire legal process
  • We are here as a guide for our clients, helping them to navigate their legal matters better.

Because probate, guardianship & estate planning often overlap one another, many of our clients need legal assistance in a number of these areas of the law. Elder Law Attorney is delighted to dedicate themselves to assisting our clients in making the most appropriate legal choices for their needs. We work hard to design the perfect strategy to manage and care for our client’s needs and interests.

We will always deliver the very best legal advice and service to all of our clients, regardless of the complexity of the issue – from setting up a will  or contesting a complex issue in another country.

We deliver the highest quality, individualized service to each of our clients with the lowest possible fees. Maintaining our fees at favorable levels when assisting our clients with

probate, guardianship, and/or trust matters is our goal. In the instance when claims might involve a wrongful death or personal injury issue, we will handle these on a contingency basis, implying that we will only charge and collect a fee after your case has been settled successfully.

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