A wonderful way to improve ones confidence or skill level is to play some games on horseback. “Horseback Riding” offers youth, teens and adults very active, healthy and safe games to develop their horsemanship skills and build personal confidence.

Regardless of your age, playing some games on horseback will help you to develop your riding skills and help to relax you on your animal’s back. We have found that playing games with our Horses/Ponies helps to improve equitation, increase confidence and adds  fun for our school horses and young riders.

Some of the games which we offer to our customers are:

*          Around the World / Cone Weaving

*          Standard Frisbee / Flag Race

*          Bucket Ball / Ring Toss

*          PickUp Cones / Rope Wind-Up

*          Whack-A-Cone / Egg & Spoon

*          Walking Race / Squirrel

*          Keyhole / Paper Chase

We also offer mounted horseback riding games. The games give excellent riders the opportunity to perform fast and exciting races, enjoyed by both the equestrians and the spectators. Advantage of Horseback riding games:

* Riders can gain confidence

* Reinforce their basic horsemanship skills * Develop a bond between themselves and the horse

Being involved in games also encourages beginning riders to become more aware of the horse’s anatomy and to focus on the trainer’s voice and commands while working with other team members.

Riders of all ages and skill levels may participate in the games.  You will learn planning, balance, steering and, have lots of fun with ponies.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.

For horse’s wellbeing, the information about weight of riders is collected along with payment options.

* We follow the law of the land.