Reservations must be made to avoid last minute confusion and rush.

Horseback Riding” is delighted to aid you in planning the ideal accommodations for your perfect horseback riding vacation – using our super simple online booking.  Before making the reservation you must read the following:

  1. Rate your riding ability to match perfect choice of horse to ensure your safety and fellow rider’s safety
  2. Decide the accommodation type you require
  3. Be sure you understand Equators booking policies
  4. Read about our travel recommendations, policies and information
  5. Contact us to verify space is available

There are only 3 simple steps to complete your reservation. 

  1. Fill in the Reservation Form 2. Make your Deposit
  2. Complete the Indemnity Agreement

If you require any assistance with any of the details, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  They will be delighted to direct you to some of the wonderful restaurants in the area as well as other ways to enjoy your time following your rides.

We do our best to respond to your phone messages within an hour or so of your call.  Please make sure to speak clearly and give us your name, phone number and any other particulars that may help us to help you faster.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled trail ride to complete the required paperwork.

You can call us at (561) 123-1234.

For horse’s wellbeing, the information about weight of riders is collected along with payment options.  

* We follow the law of the land.