Seller Services

Seller ServicesAre you trying to sell a timeshare but not sure where to turn?

It is important to know all of the many financial and legal aspects when you are considering the purchase or sale of a timeshare.

Our timeshare sale brokers are committed to providing the optimal experience for each of their clients. Our brokers have established relationships with contacts industry wide and an unparalleled knowledge of the global timeshare market.

The licensed timeshare professionals who work with us are experts in the timeshare resale business. The possess vast experience and expert knowledge of resort, hotel, vacation clubs and points based timeshare resales.

We offer services like:

* Time share broker services

* Buyer Services

* Renter Services

* Timeshares listings

* Timeshare resales

Our timeshare sales agents provide a range of prices for recent timeshare sales based on the fair market value of your vacation property. Requiring a speedy sale will reduce the selling price of your property. If you have the time to wait, begin your listing at the higher end of the market. All offers that are made on your property are presented to you. You have the option to accept, reject or counter the offer. Whether you are buying or selling a timeshare property, our affiliated timeshare brokers are here to help.

Advantages of Timeshare Broker in selling timeshares:

  • Easier Sales Process — With our stress-free service we’ll take care of everything. From advertising to the right consumers, to finding a qualified buyer.
  • No Upfront Advertising Fees — With Timeshare Broker Services you won’t pay upfront advertising fees like you would through other services.
  • Expert Assistance — At Timeshare Broker Services, our brokers provide the experience and knowledge you need to sell your timeshare.

Some owners choose to go the route of “for sale by owner”. If you do not have the time or inclination to do so, you may work with a highly experienced timeshare real estate broker. We are proud to provide the personal, customized service that we are known for

We guide you through the process of selecting the perfect property ownership that fits your requirements and your budget. If you wish to “try before you buy” we will help you rent a property so that you are able to discern if it’s the perfect resort location for your needs. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234