Rubberised Ashphalt

Rubberized Asphalt is a process of blending crumb rubber produced from recycled waste tires into liquid asphalt cement (bitumen) to produce an extremely resilient high performance, modified binder that is used in the paving process.

Cracks in asphalt are caused by vertical or horizontal movements beneath the overlay as a result of traffic loads, temperature fluctuations, and shifting earth.

Rubberized asphalt reduces the occurrence of cracking with superior elasticity. Rubberized asphalt is also stiffer than conventional paving, which resists rutting and increases pavement life.

Tire Recycling offers a wide variety of specially designed equipment to service the modified asphalt.

Advantages of Rubberized Asphalt paving:

*          Resists cracking and rutting

*          Improves skid resistance

*          Decreases maintenance costs

*          Sooth rides – so wear and tear of tires decrease

*          Reduce noise levels up to 5 decibels

If you need residential asphalt paving, asphalt driveway maintenance, seal coating or crack filling and repair, Tire Recycling covers all of your needs! Our thoroughness and commitment to quality and customer service has established us as a leader in the paving industry.

Our experts will evaluate your asphalt needs and with our experienced crew, provide you with a solution that best suits your situation, from asphalt overlays, repairs, and complete removal and replacement to regular driveway maintenance.

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