Scrap Tire Collection

Scrap tires can be unsightly and a hazard due to potential tire fires that affects the entire community. They are also a breeding ground for pests and mosquito-borne diseases.

The solution is disposal properly.

Tire Recycling is a one-stop, coast-to-coast tire collection service.

Our Scrap Tire Collection Services include:

*          Route Pick Up

*          Drop-And-Hook

*          Drop Off Collection Sites

*          Live Load Trailers

Our extensive logistics capabilities ensure timely, efficient and flexible collection of your used tires. Our systems are even capable of “predicting” your service requirements and scheduling scrap tire pick-ups accordingly.

There are literally hundreds of different uses and products for the rubber we recycle, including:

*          Crumb Rubber

*          Landscaping

*          Equestrian

*          Rubber products

*          Road construction and so much more

With our optimized tire collection resources, we help you streamline everything from scheduling to receipts. Plus we are always available to answer questions or make changes with our full-time customer service department.You will find tires of all shapes, sizes and types from auto dealers and wreckers, tire centers, public works fleets, local government organizations, recycling and transfer stations and local residents.  They all count on us to properly and carefully redistribute the used tires.

We are dedicated to assisting groups and community organizations to remove the used tires in a responsible manner.  The tires are separated into appropriate groups and shipped to be recycled into Tire Derived Aggregate, Tire Derived Fuel a source for other products such as synthetic turf, tire sealants, rubber mats, etc. and other reuse/recovery applications. Any of the tires that cannot be used for any other purpose are shipped to the local state landfill and properly disposed of there.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.