Legacy Planning

What is Legacy Planning?

Your Financial Planner may assist you in setting up a Legacy Plan, whereby your assets are bequeathed to your loved ones, following your death.

Life Insurance‘s Legacy Planning Services are intended to prepare you for your own passing. Our Wealth Management Philosophy is to integrate all aspects of your financial portfolio. Included in this strategy is the Legacy Planning Directives that are intended to pass your wealth on to the next generation. A comprehensive legacy plan includes:

  • Last wishes for a funeral or a memorial service and how you want personal property like estate disbursed
  • Setting up a trust, will, pour over will or combination which includes healthcare directives
  • Financial instruments used to fund the estate plan and pay for final expenses
  • Locations of documents and a list of key contacts

It gives the assurance that the financial security of the policy owner’s loved ones is secured and, at the same time, offers him the flexibility in managing liquidity needs without compromising his legacy planning.

In purchasing a life-insurance policy, an estate is immediately created.

This comes about when the policy owner dies and the life-insurance policy pays out the insured sum of money, which forms part of the estate of the deceased.

Topics covered include:

* Asset distribution

* Last wishes

* Estate plans

* Last will and testament

* Power of attorney

* Health care directives

* Beneficiary designations

* Document locator

While some cases are due to deliberate wishes and acts of the deceased, it is good to understand that insurance policies also create liquidity to support an equitable wealth distribution through legacy planning.

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